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Baby Change Station

We have installed a baby change station in the toilet in the TOPS/Committee Room.

Bookings 2025

Bookings are now open for 2025. Even if you are a regular user, please let me know what sessions you wish to book for 2025.

TOPS/Committee Room Access

The fire door at the side of the hall has been fitted with a keycode lock to permit entry from the outside while still acting as a fire door. This will enable those using the Committee Room to gain access without disturbing those using the main hall. If you book the Committee Room, we will provide the access code for the side door.

Audio/Video System

We are pleased to say that the PA is now functional.

Further information regarding the AV System

The DVD Player has been moved to the stage and is now mounted on the small shelf directly below the mixer. Connections have been organised so that it is now straightforward to use either the DVD player, a computer or other audio source. Full details for its use are available here and will be posted in the hall by the equipment on the stage.

How to Make a Booking

You can check availability on the booking calendar.

Booking Calendar for 2024

Booking Calendar for 2025

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