Instructions for Using the Booking Form

Complete the booking form and return it. We will then complete the information required and confirm the booking by returning the form to you. It will also act as your invoice for the booking.

When we return the booking form to you it will be allocated a reference. Please use this reference when paying. Also, the code for the keysafe on the front door will be provided, unless your booking is some way in the future, in case we decide to change it. Please get in touch nearer your booking to get the latest code. We have also provided access to the Committee Room (the TOPS Room) via the fire escape door. This enables users of the Committee Room access without disturbing those using the main hall. The door code will also be provided if your booking is in the Committee Room.

If possible, use the Excel version of the spreadsheet as it simplifies the options. If you use the pdf version you will have to complete the sections by hand and scan the finished form before sending it to

Only enter information in the shaded sections. If a section is not relevant to your booking you can just leave it blank.

On the Excel spreadsheet there are notes associated with key sections to help and many of the sections use drop down options.

The revised booking form allows for one-off and regular repeat bookings.

Do not delete any rows at the bottom of the form as they contain the options for the various sections above.

If this is a personal booking, you do not need to enter an organisation or any specific reason for your booking.

The Options column specifies if you wish to hire the Hall and Kitchen, the Committee Room or both.

The Bar column indicates if you wish to use our alcohol licence for your event.

The Session is either Morning, Afternoon or Evening, or any combinations thereof that make sense.

The Frequency column allows you to specify a repeating booking, such as monthly, weekly, etc, and the End column specifies if that regular booking will come to an end.

Under certain circumstances, we may request that you pay a deposit. If we do we will specify that on the form when we return it to you and you will need to pay the deposit before the booking. If you wish, you may pay the deposit and the booking fee together prior to the booking. If we do request a deposit, please specify on the form the bank account details for refunding the deposit on successful completion of your hire.

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