Orwell Village Hall

Orwell Village Hall is available for hire to individuals, groups and societies for a range of activities. Some use the hall on a regular basis and others from time to time. If you wish to book the hall and/or committee room, this is how you go about it.


If you are not a regular user to establish availability, a Booking Calendar is provided showing which sessions are booked and which are available. Download the calendar for 2020 here. We are now taking bookings for 2021. Download the calendar for 2021 here.


Charges for hire were revised by the Orwell Village Hall Management Committee at their meeting on 15 January 2020 to take effect from 1 April 2020.

Details of charges applicable from 1 April 2020 can be downloaded here.

Booking Form

Once you have established availability please complete the Booking Form which can be downloaded here in pdf form and here in Excel form. Please complete Section A of the form and return it to bookings@orwellvillagehall.com. If the booking is confirmed, the form will be returned to you with full costs detailed. This will be your invoice as well. Please remit payment within 7 days of the completion of your hire period.

If we request a deposit, please pay that before the booking date and it will be refunded to you after we receive payment for the hire and subject to inspection by our cleaning staff. We reserve the right to deduct from the deposit any costs incurred for additional cleaning or to repair or replace items lost or damaged as per our terms of hire.

Payment can be made on-line (preferred method) using the bank account details found on the form, or alternatively by cheque or cash. Please use the Booking Reference on your Booking Confirmation as your payment reference.

Please note that your booking is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Hire, and particualr attention is drawn to insurance requirements. Full Terms and Conditions for hire can be downloaded here. Please ensure you confirm your acceptance of the Terms and Conditions on the Booking Form.

Regular Users

I would like to be sure I have captured all bookings for regular users of the Hall. In order to do this, I have created a special booking form for regular users. Here are some instructions on how to use it.

Regular Booking Form (.pdf)

Regular Booking Form (.xlsx)

Example Regular Booking Form

For each booking line enter the month and then either the day of the week for weekly bookings or a specific date for less regular or one-off bookings. If it is regular, then enter either weekly or monthly and if it is monthly you can dispense with the first column altogether if it is clear which day of the month you need to reserve.

For the Day you can use such terms as “First Tuesday” etc if that helps. Anything that is clear to me what you mean.

If you have a regular booking but wish to exclude a usual day or date, then put an ‘X’ in the Exclude column.

Specify if you want the Hall (and kitchen), Committee Room, or both and then if you want the Morning, Afternoon or Evening Session(s).

If you wish then you can use a copy of this form to return with any payment to show which sessions you are paying at any time.

The form is available as an Excel spreadsheet and as a pdf to complete by hand, but if possible, please return electronically.


Regular users of the Village Hall will have their own key. For one-off bookings we will provide the code for the key safe on the front door at the time of booking. You must ensure the key is returned to the safe after your booking is completed.




36 High Street, Orwell, Royston, Herts SG8 5QN


The Orwell Village Hall Management Committee is constituted of representatives of all societies curently using the Hall and in addition has four officers:

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